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A SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE’: Mindfulness, spirituality and the way of wholeness.

Update: this spring (2023) I am running this course on-line on Wednesday evenings and on Thursday mornings. My plan is to run it in person (in East Oxford) this summer and then on-line again in the Autumn. Do get in touch through the contact page if you would be interested in future courses.

Course description:
This eight week course in meditation focuses on developing your own meditation practice both as a way of being in the world and also of responding to all that is going on around us.

Whilst drawing heavily on the evidence-based theory and practice of mindfulness we also explore mindfulness’ relationship with the classic, non-dual spiritual traditions and the bearing these have on the whole of our lives.

And what we will find is that it is not primarily new information which we need, but a new way of seeing – ‘a shift in perspective’.

Though this course is not aimed at experienced meditators, participants will be expected to have had some experience of meditation.

Course format: Eight 90-minute weekly sessions

Dates/times: see update above.

Cost: On-line: £150; in person: £175 (some subsidised places available – please ask)

Venue: either on-line or in person in East Oxford  

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