See Love Be. I have now trialled teaching this course, based on my book, both in an eight week version and in a four day residential retreat. I have also led a taster day based on the same material. So I am now open to teaching this in different contexts. See ‘coming events’ page for live updates.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). I am accredited teacher of this eight week course and teach for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre through the year. If you want to learn mindfulness through this course format then please see the Oxford Mindfulness Centre web-site.

Finding peace in a frantic world. I run this eight week course at different times in the year privately. I have developed this course myself based on the best selling book, Mindfulness – a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. We use the book as the course guide and the group comes together once a week for a two hour session to practice the meditations together, reflect on our experience and engage in some key cognitive exercises. In between sessions participants are invited to use the audio meditations at home on a daily basis ready to come back the next week and reflect on our experience of having done this. I have no course dates set at the moment but if you are within striking distance of Oxford and would be interested in joining with such a course then do register your interest through the contact section of this site.
This course is accessible for people with or without a faith background but I do offer an optional ninth session for people who wish to explore how mindfulness might relate to Christian spirituality.

Residential retreats. I have also taught the above ‘Frantic world’ course as a three day residential retreat. The advantage of this format is that we stay together exploring mindfulness for a sustained period of time. The disadvantage is that there is no time between the sessions for people to practice the meditations on a daily basis – which is the key way change takes place in our lives. However this format does serve as a very strong introduction to mindfulness and participants can go home with the course book to develop their own practice if they choose.
More details of these retreats will appear as I arrange them but do register your interest through the contact section. Alternatively if you have a group which would like to set up such a retreat I am very happy to be booked in for this.

Quiet days. I have also run single ‘taster’ mindfulness days for both church and other groups. These days would run from around 10am to 3.30pm. If you are interested in setting one up please get in touch. All that is needed is a room or hall big enough to sit the participants in a circle on upright comfortable chairs (anything from 15 to 25 is possible). People can bring their own lunch but you might want to provide tea and coffee.