Welcome to this web-site. You may have found your way here because you have bought my recent book, SEE, LOVE, BE which bravely mentioned this web address on the back way before I had actually set up the site. Or you may have navigated here because you are interested in Mindfulness, spirituality or the connection between the two.

What I offer (books, courses, retreats etc.) can be found under other sections on the site. But my main interest is what might be called Mindful Living i.e. actually living it all out. How do we live a life marked by awareness (SEE), compassion (LOVE) and ease of being (BE) in this modern (in my case urban) world?

Practising some form of meditation will be part of it but we are not here to become good meditators but good humans. And there are many facets to being a good human with all its shades of light and dark all of which are equally valued parts of the picture.

Mindful Living will be about how we spend our time, what food we eat and how we travel as well as our engagement with the rest of humanity and the rest of nature. I am interested in it all.

If you are a fellow traveller on this journey then it’s great to be in contact. In time there will be blogs and a discussion page. In the mean time do browse what I have managed to post so far. Or if you haven’t bought my book yet then for goodness sake what are you waiting for!



This is Tim Stead’s personal web-site.

I am an accredited mindfulness teacher and associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. A former Church of England Vicar, I now operate as a freelance mindfulness teacher and writer running 8 week courses, residential retreats and quiet days. I also offer spiritual direction/accompaniment. I am based in Oxford, UK.

I follow the Mindfulness teachers good practice guidelines and am listed on the UK Mindfulness Network Teachers Listing:

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Living the Mindful life 11

Mindfulness and environmental activism: events, reflections. Events First, what happened in these last two weeks of climate protests with Extinction Rebellion (XR)? Well, most will have seen the overall picture on various news outlets – though it depends which outlet you engage with as to what sort of an impression you get. But, here, the …

Living the mindful life 10

BLOG: DE-MOTIVATION Last month I started writing on the subject of motivation for practising mindfulness or any other kind of meditation. So this month I thought it might be worth exploring its opposite, de-motivation, which probably boils down to the question, ‘if I know and accept the science, and perhaps have even experienced some of …

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